Ava Max’s Sweet But Psycho music video draws backlash from mental health advocates

Her latest single has been a chart-topping hit.

But songstress Ava Max has courted controversy with the music video for Sweet But Psycho, in which she plays an axe-wielding woman obsessed with a man.

The video is ‘a package that helps to encourage and support stigma’ according to an open letter by the UK’s Zero Suicide Alliance.

In the letter, the Alliance states: ‘The track’s lyrics and associated promo video (which features scenes of irrational violence and threat that involve a baseball bat, darts and knives) casually underline negative perceptions of mental health – in short it’s a package that helps to encourage and support stigma.

‘We understand this may not be intentional but even when it is not intended, perpetuating existing stereotypes has a disproportionately negative influence that reinforces stigma; and stigma is bad. It’s oppressive and alienating with life-threatening potential.

‘Stigma encourages people to close down, preventing them from seeking help. Worse still, stigma can stop suicidal people from reaching out when they are at their lowest, most vulnerable point.’

The video appears to tells the story of a woman fixated on a man whom she sees kissing another woman. agen poker online

She then drugs the man and terrorizes him with a variety of weapons.

And sufferers of mental illness have also taken issue with the depictions in the American singer’s music video.

‘A mental health patient named Julie Roach told UNILAD, ‘When I was a woman going through my mental illness and wanting to [take my own life] and crying out for help I would’ve hated being called a psycho.’

‘I wasn’t a psycho. I was a woman who was struggling.’

The single has been a big hit for Wisconsin-born Ava.

The 24-year-old, who was born Amanda Ava Koci, has had Sweet but Psycho streamed 268,765,814 times on Spotify as of the time of writing.

Her other singles My Way and Slippin have not enjoyed nearly the same success as her international megahit.

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