Heather and Dr. Terry Dubrow look stylish in all black ensembles as they promote their new diet book on talk show in NYC

They are best known for starring on Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Orange County and and E!’s hit show Botched.

But more recently Heather and Dr. Terry Dubrow have been hitting the promo trail, getting the word out on their successful book, The Dubrow Diet.

And on Monday they looked super stylish for an appearance on the digital talk show, Build Brunch.

The reality couple looked like a perfect match in all black ensembles.

Heather, 50, went with a form-fitting black number that hugged her curves and gave a hint of her skin with two stylish openings near the front of both shoulders. bandar poker

For his part, Dr. Terry went with a cool vibe in black pants, a black button-down dress shirt and a long English-style dark blazer that came down to just above the knees.

Once on set, and the cameras were rolling, the couple went into pitch mode for their book, The Dubrow Diet, which features a diet and exercise plan the duo created themselves.

‘We have figured out a way to lose weight; to use your fat as fuel on a daily basis, and do it very quickly, painlessly,’ Dr. Terry, 60, proclaimed with confidence to the four hosts.

‘And it uses a variation of intermittent fasting to do it in a very usable way.’

His wife quickly jumped in and admitted that she thinks all diets work, ‘but the problem is that they are not sustainable.’

She then focused on the benefits of their diet, and how the results go beyond just reaching a goal weight.

‘It’s going to do is give you more energy; it’s going to tighten your skin; it’s going to grow your hair, and it’s going to do all these anti-aging things for you as well,’ she said.

‘But the greatest part: it’s sustainable. It’s more than a diet; this is a life-long plan.’

The Dubrow Diet book hit number one on Amazon in October.

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